cowimas is a project centered knowledge management system developed at the TZI (Center for Computing and Communication Technologies), University of Bremen. The system supports the mining and application of knowledge in complex project contexts and fosters knowledge-oriented communication in your company. It aims at mid-sized companies in the engineering and service sector that strive for an effective reuse of business knowledge in new projects. These include, for example, companies in mechanical and plant engineering as well as in product or software development. The diverse features of cowimas are designed to leverage existing knowledge and to allow intuitive input of new knowledge during the execution of projects.

Software Development and Research

In addition to the development of the cowimas system, the cowimas workgroup at the TZI works on other topics of knowledge management. Software Development in cooperation with partner companies (individual customizations or development based on standard software) are part of the portfolio as well as consulting based on the state-of-the-art of science and technology.